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Technical services to help people, Chapters and all of Navajo Nation
Skills and Services We Offer
Affordable Housing
Communications Strategy
Creation of Webinars
Downtown Redevelopment
Financial Management
Housing Needs Assessment
Newsletter Production
Public Outreach
Range Management Plans
Business Retention/Expansion

Website Design
Capacity Building
Community Development
Conservation Planning
Economic Development
Grant Administration
Comprehensive Housing Planning
Non-profit Management
Project Management
Public Policy Development
Regional Planning
Strategic Planning
Website Production
Collaboration Facilitation
Community Land-use Plans
Demographics Analysis
Grant Writing
Housing Waiting Lists
Organization Development
Public Information Campaigns
Public Relations
Survey Design
Website Management
Professional Services to Assist Development at Navajo Nation


  • Project Management
  • Technical Support and Training
  • Safety Standard Operating Procedures
  • Protocols for Permits, Equipment, Vehicles, etc.
  • Communications Equipment
  • Project Reporting
  • Grant Management and Financial Reporting


  • Navajo Business Practices
    • Business Site Leases
    • Home Site Leases
    • Land Withdrawals
    • Capital Improvement Office Coordination
  • Field Surveying (Including Archeological Sites)
  • CLUP Planning
  • Land Status
    • Navajo Partitioned Lands
    • Hopi Partitioned Lands
    • Former Bennett Freeze Area
  • Mapping:  GPS/GIS
  • Software Management
    • Google Earth Platform
    • Microsoft
  • 911 Rural Addressing
  • Agriculture:  Range Management, Conservation Planning, Grazing Permits
  • Housing Assessment (see other side)
  • Comprehensive Planning/Immediate Action
  • Infrastructure Locating (Water/Energy/Tie to Grid)

Navajo Relationships

  • Know the Layers of Navajo and Federal Government
    • BIA Roads, BIA Natural Resources, NTUA, Navajo Land Department
  • Fluent in the Navajo and English Languages
  • Longstanding Relationships with Navajo Chapter Leaders
  • FBFA and Beyond
  • Track Record with Navajo Divisions and Enterprises
  • Here to Stay
Demographics Analysis

Native Builders can access a series of websites and conduct direct, personalized research in order to compile demographic information about the Former Bennett Freeze Area, Navajo Nation or Indian Country in general.

In 2015, Native Builders assisted the Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development to complete the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Executive Summary which provides information about the demographics of the Navajo Nation.

See an Excerpt from the 2015 CEDS Executive Summary